From the recording MIDNIGHT STORYBOOK


(Darin Bennett)

Tess sipped a bottle of wine
On here broken down Chevrolet
She lay on her side
And the moonlight replied
A silhouette serenade

Gone were the nights that she longed for
When love was a song to play
Now the radio sings
The same words that could take her
So far away

Now, time replaces the wishing well faces
Of hopeful grace
She runs from the daylight
And bathes in the midnight

Where dreams remain
Where dreams remain

She raises a rose to the tip of her nose
And caresses the side of her face
Like a dove she would hunger
When love lost her number
Her thoughts in the clouds where she lay

Where there’s wonder
There’s fate
There’s someone
Who’s laying in wait
When nothing seems right
And it all looks the same
A stranger may call out your name

Where dreams remain
Where dreams remain
Where dreams remain