"In this age of American Idol, The Voice, et al, it's harder and harder to find a musician with their own voice --- a true original. Well look no further because one of the most original and fiercely independent artists out there has just released a new record. I found out about Darin Bennett in 2006 after the release of his record 20 Scarlet Monkeys and was instantly hooked.

Bennett's voice sounds a bit like Tom Waits, if you took a sander and shaved off a couple of inches off the gravelly, bottom end – in other words, more palatable for the average listener. His material is a jambalaya gumbo of styles, bluesy, soulful rock covered in a veneer of Delta blues, kind of like Stevie Ray Vaughan during a lost weekend in New Orleans. It's punctuated by two elements; his distinctive voice and his striking guitar sound.  The songs are all top-notch and you'll be hard pressed to find more emotive vocals anywhere else."


"Holdin' Me" is one of the most soulful slices of deep country, swamp-laden blues that I've feasted my ears upon in ages. Slow and languid, yet brimming with life and soul. And that voice. Back in the day, Hootie and the Blowfish shot to the top of the charts, not on the basis of their rather generic songs, but on the back of Darius Rucker's voice. Darin has a voice like that, it can capture you, bend you over, twist you sideways and hurl you into some soulful dimension of anguished pain, long miles and dusty roads. Don't fight it, just let it wash over you.


“As a vocalist, Bennett has a voice that easy stands out from both modern country, mainstream or otherwise, as well as rock, recalling the likes of the iconic Nick Cave. His voice is gruff and powerful but not aggressive enough to overpower the music behind him.  Aside from the Cave comparison, the influences that he mentioned to me are, for once, quite accurate. There's a healthy dose of both Tom Waits and Bruce Springsteen in here as well that I wouldn't say are all that obvious unless you're a huge fan of those artists or you’re actively looking for their influence in his music.

“I think that if you're into a nice fusion of country, blues-rock, and a dash of post-punk this is where your ears need to be. I can only hope that Bennett follows this up with more great material, hopefully even a full-length. Fingers crossed.”


"A blisteringly hot and dusty Rock/Blues saga, Darin Bennett beefs up this three dimensional road-trip with a superb muti-panoramic video extravaganza. The lead track Holdin` Me is loosely supported by a glorious bluegrass riff that trickles alongside a pounding bass and percussion combo, this stuff is as adhesive as steaming hot tarmac."



Darin Bennett & the Requiem - "stir up soulfully stormy rambles like "Blow, Wind, Blow" and "Dead Where I Stand." Bennett's tunes are flecked with traces of Americana and the blues, and he howls in a craggy voice that sometimes evokes Tom Waits."             


“Darin Bennett’s dark, bluesy soul-searching rock would blow almost anyone away. Fans of Puscifer, Tom Petty, Jack White, and Otis Redding will seriously DIG the track “Holdin’ Me” by Darin Bennett and the Requiem. It’s bound to impress both rock and soul music purists as well as indie music fans starved for something a little more visceral.”


“Dude has the fucking throat of a Sons of Anarchy season finale“



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